VHF Trainer: an app to learn and practice

Luciano Palacios
Project Leader

In Advenio Software we specialize in Simulation and Computer-Based Training. We have a vast experience regarding both communications topics and maritime security in the Simulation area. Vox Maris, our GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) operator’s training simulator, is world-wide recognized and it takes part of more than 150 Academies and Naval Schools from all over the world.

What is VHF Trainer app?

VHF Trainer is a complete suite that offers both theoretical and practical material for the student to be able to learn GMDSS maritime communications basics, especially in VHF maritime communications system that is the most used by seafarers and it is around in practically all ships.

VHF Trainer was born also as a complement to Vox Maris, our simulator designed for GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) operators training. We believe that being able to practice beyond capacitation offered by regular courses is an interesting addition to strengthen the knowledge regarding this type of equipment, which is necessary to obtain the first navigation degrees.

What does the VHF Trainer do?

The app is divided into three large sections: Learning, Trivia and Simulation. In the first one, theoretical material about VHF and GMDSS can be consulted. This section is organized in chapters with the aim of being accessible for the user to navigate and be instructed. Trivia section is a didactic way of testing the knowledge the user has been acquiring in order to reinforce it and increase the user confidence before certain concerns.

Regarding the simulation section, we managed to create an immersive experience, where the user will be able to experience an interaction with the navigational environment and not only with the communications equipment interface. Inside the simulation, the user will be able to see and also communicate with other ships by using the VHF system, besides dealing with a series of scenarios where he must resolve some issues in order to test the acquired knowledge.

How was the development stage?

In order to obtain a high quality product, we were part of an extensive investigation starting at design and continuing towards the tool we were going to use. It was a long journey that included analyzing possibilities and building prototypes, always having in mind what would be the best alternative for the user. Along the process we accounted for it: the aim of the application is set on the final user, the idea is to be able to provide him with something useful, complete, with quality and easy to use.

The goal of the product is to strengthen seafarer’s knowledge regarding security, communications and lastly how to perform when facing emergency situations. In some cases, that knowledge may be the difference between life and death of both the user and others. Because of that, it is not just useful self-learning but also necessary when thinking about others.

Since its conception, the app was developed for the user to train and clear any doubts about how to react when facing risky situations. We understand that without the necessary practice or experience it is hard to abstract and imagine a real-danger situation in order to know exactly what to do and how to react. That is why we believe it is important to develop and app that allows the user to deal with a certain kind of situations, make mistakes, begin again and ultimately decrease the error margins, so he feels confident enough about equipment handling when navigating.

What do you expect from the product?

Our expectations are that people will like it, that it will be a quality product and lastly that it will be useful to achieve goals related to what promoted its development in the first place. What we are looking for, is that the user feels comfortable when using it and that he can dissipate all hesitations concerning VHF functioning.

Personally, I know we are developing an app that is very useful and complete, and I would like both naval school students and people who are in the nautical field to make the most of it not only because of its educational content but also because it allows the user to evaluate himself, practice and test his knowledge before hitting the water.

It’s very gratifying to perceive the constant evolution we are currently having both as a company and as a work team, regarding technical aspects and also creativity, investigation and tools handling. I like to think VHF Trainer as the first step in the development of an applications family focused on learning about the different devices aboard and other subjects related to nautical activities.

Our aim is set on going forward, growing and evolving, always having the final user in mind in the interest of providing him with quality accessible products that may also be of friendly use. We are changing the way of learning according to the following principle: “if I listen to it, I forget it; if I see it, I remember it; if I do it and I practice, I understand it”.

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