Argentinean Navy acquires to Advenio Software a GMDSS Simulator

Argentinean Navy has acquired to Advenio Software a GMDSS simulator for its Naval School in Puerto Belgrano Naval Base (Punta Alta). The School joins to the more than 100 institutions that rely on our products and services.

The simulator installed by Advenio Software in the modern GMDSS Simulation Room has 8 Trainee positions and 1 Instructor station. Thus, the School will train the staff of the Naval Base in the use of GMDSS communications equipment.

It is noteworthy that the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base is itself a city: It is the main Argentinean Naval Base and hosts a large number of Army vessels, dozens of specialized shipyard, 6 military schools, a hospital, public schools, printing, bank headquarters, the Catholic parish "Stella Maris", a civil registry office, a museum, 7 residential neighborhoods for the naval staff, a hotel and other facilities.

The presence of our simulator also takes great importance, in the Base operates one of the two Argentinean Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC): To have a simulator for training of naval personnel committed to Search and Rescue (SAR ) operations takes great significance.

For those who make up Advenio Software this represents a pride that the Argentine Navy uses our training products and services. With the incorporation of the Vox Maris GMDSS Simulator to the Naval School, in addition to the simulator installed in 2008 at the Escuela Nacional de Pesca (Mar del Plata), Advenio Software and the Argentina Navy continue increasing the professional relationship established since our origins.

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