Advenio Software winner of Young Argentinean Entrepreneur Award 2012

Advenio Software was awarded with the Honor Mention of International Projection and Young Argentinean Entrepreneur Award 2012 issued by the Confederation of Medium Enterprises of Argentina (CAME) and the Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of Argentina (FEDAJE), being distinguished among 51 finalists as the best young entrepreneurs of the country.

The award honored the company to excel in the development and projection of your business, encourage competitiveness, innovation, wealth creation and employment promotion in society of Argentina.

The ceremony took place on March 21 of 2013 in Lahusen Building in Buenos Aires and was attended by representatives from 19 provinces. The jury consisted of the Economy Minister, Hernan Lorenzino, the Industry Minister, Débora Giorgi, the Labor Minister, Carlos Tomada, the General Subsecretary of Presidence, Gustavo Lopez, the President of CAME, Osvaldo Cornide and the Argentinean Young Entrepreneur 2011, Alexis Atem.

This very important national distinction is a recognition of the work and the efforts, to our trajectory that although still young, is a story that knows of thrust, patience and dedication, all things that have been resulted in a series of achievements, experiences and learning.

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 Premio Joven Empresario Argentino 2012

About Advenio Software

The name Advenio is a Latin word that means to arrive. In our professional activity, we consider very important to achieve our goals working with firmness, enthusiasm and perseverance.


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