Advenio Software gets to the 2012 Sadosky Award Finals as Innovative Company

Sadosky AwardsFor the fourth time in our history, Advenio Software receives CESSI recognition (CESSI - Chamber Entrepreneur of Software and Information Services) as finalist of the prestigious Sadosky Awards "to the Argentinean Intelligence" that each year is given to individual persons, organizations and companies, for their work, performance, and contribution to the growth of IT Industry in Argentina.


As in 2007, 2009 and 2010, Advenio Software gets to the Sadosky Award Finals edition 2012, this time as Innovative Company. Also the company competes for the Community Sadosky Award, that will be choosen by the public in the social networks. You can vote us in facebook using the following link

This nomination is very rewarding for us because it represents a recognition of our effort, dedication, skill and commitment. In our short history, from a graduate thesis project, we founded an IT company and in only 6 years we positioned internationally as one of the market-leading companies in providing communications simulators of GMDSS system. Our products represent a range of solutions to cover two important aspects related to the GMDSS:

  • The radiocommunications management through DSC Iris, an Integrated Management System for Coastal Stations with Digital Selective Calling (
  • Training of GMDSS operators through Vox Maris , a GMDSS simulator aimed for schools and training centers offering IMO courses and certificates related to the Global Maritime Distress and Safety (

We have also developed a multi-platform solution for the administration and management of a distributed information network, connecting multiple geographically distributed nodes, enabling their interaction, collaborative work and exchange of information, working as a whole synchronized system ( ). The system is extremely useful for sensor management, capture / processing / distribution of on-line information, early warning systems, etc.

Our products are used by several Maritime Authorities around the world and our simulators train naval personnel in more than 80 prestigious maritime training institutes in Argentina, Poland, Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, South Korea, Panama, Canada, among others.

Sadosky Awards

About Advenio Software

The name Advenio is a Latin word that means to arrive. In our professional activity, we consider very important to achieve our goals working with firmness, enthusiasm and perseverance.


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